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Wednesday Fanart Rec! Swift & the Midnighter

I guess this week's theme is powerful people that fly and are awesome! I love the very geometric style on Swift, and how the artist appears to have captured a moment in time between the beat of her wings. For Apollo, I like how he seems peaceful, even though he's gathering up energy. Also, I really love vejita4ever's version of his usual outfit.

Swift by ~RadSavij on deviantART

Apollo soaks in the sun by ~vejiita4eva on deviantART

kabal42: (Comics - Canon slash - Midnighter/Apollo)

[personal profile] kabal42 2012-02-08 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Great stuff. Very different, too, but both good and evocative. I must say the Apollo art is especially good! (Matter of taste, of course *S*)
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Wow, love them both.