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Community description:A fandom community for the superhero group the Authority
A community for everything related to the superhero group, the Authority! Discussion, news, fic, art and general rambling.

General Community Guidelines: Be nice! That's it.

Tagging Info: If there's a tag that you need and you don't see it, feel free to make one! Community members can edit and manage tags, since y'all know what you're doing and what you're posting. If need be, I'll come in and clean it up later. Or, if you don't wish to tag, just leave it to me.


If I was posting an Apollo/Midnighter fic, it would get three tags: group: the authority, ship: apollo/midnighter, fanworks: fanfic

If I were posting a review or recap of the original The Authority run, it would get the following tags: group: the authority, title: the authority, writer: warren ellis

If I were posting about Warren Ellis talking about working on The Authority, it would get: writer: warren ellis, title: the authority

If I were posting about people talking about Wildstorm, it would get: publisher: wildstorm

These are not super hard and fast rules, just general guidelines so that people can find the stuff that they want!

Posting Fanfic or Fanart:

If you're posting fanfic or fanart in the community and not just a link, please use a cut-tag. Exceptions made if the fanart is small (use your best judgement!) or the fic is short (again, use your best judgement!).

If you're posting fanart or fanfic that is NSFW, R or NC-17 (not just a link, but the actual fanwork), you must use a cut tag no matter the length or size. Thank you!

Optional Posting Template:

How to Promote [community profile] theauthority
THEAUTHORITY: a community for fans of The Authority

Cross-Community Promotion: As long as it's related to The Authority or doesn't explicitly ban discussing/creating fanworks for The Authority, cross-community promotion is fine. I mean, use your best judgement as to whether or not something is related to The Authority. A community about dogs: probably not. A community about Warren Ellis: totally!


[community profile] chromaticheroes - Promoting fandom for Characters of Color in Comic Books

[ profile] theauthority - Different mod team, but a similar community!

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