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Friday, December 30th, 2011 01:25 am
Title: Hustle Rose
Author: pencilnecklace
Pairing: Apollo/Midnighter
Song: "Hustle Rose" by Metric

My Comments: I found this while idly searching YouTube for Authority fanvids, not really expecting to find anything. I have rarely been so happy to be proved wrong! This fanvid is fantastic. The excellent editing and timing make the images flow and feel dynamic, something that can be difficult to achieve when all you have to work with are still pictures. The images are taken from Ellis' Stormwatch through World's End and provide a nice summary of Apollo and Midnighter's relationship under Wildstorm. My favourite part is from 0:07-0:26 because I love the balloon scene from World's End so, so much and pencilnecklace truly makes it come to life.

(I hope the 'rec: vid' tag is all right; if not, please feel free to change/delete it.)