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art: Charity Art Auction Piece [The Authority]

Title: "The Authority" Charity Art Auction Piece
Artist: Vejiicakes
Rating: G
Characters : Jenny Sparks, Apollo, Midnighter, The Engineer, Swift, Jack Hawksmoor, The Doctor
Description: It’s been ages since I’ve revisited The Authority! I participated in a Charity Art Auction, in which 100+ alumni produced art of their favorite superheroes to bid on. Apollo and Midnighter remain my main guys, but it seemed like a raw deal to stop there so I did the whole classic team: Jenny Sparks, Apollo, Midnighter, The Engineer, Swift, Jack Hawksmoor, and The Doctor will always hold a special place in my heart :)


Click for Fullview

From AUG 24 - SEPT 6, you can pick up this EXCLUSIVE framed art quality print poster and donate to a good cause at the same time by bidding in the Jules Jammal scholarship


You can bid on this or many of the great exclusive superhero themed pieces created by my fellow alums, please check it out! [x]

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