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Affiliate Announcement

[community profile] theauthority is now affiliated with [ profile] theauthority!

I am super-thrilled because [ profile] theauthority is the original LJ community focued on The Authority, and it's actually the very first place I found my way into The Authority fandom.

Anyone else remember [ profile] theauthority from their LJ days, or perhaps you're currently a member? :)
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I want to thank you for keeping this community going. An Authority site that's still alive!

I'm [ profile] alchemy_hisoka on LJ and joined the community shortly after I stumbled upon The Authority back when scans_daily was on LJ. Though I was a semi-lurker and seem to have come after the heyday, it was a great place to be.

I wonder if the dearth of activity on the LJ comm is a mix of people moving to other websites and a dissatisfaction with the DCnU Stormwatch. I still read the reactions to new Stormwatch issues over on the CBR boards, but have decided that the DCnU characters are different enough - in ways I don't like - from the old Wildstorm ones that I don't have much interest in them. Reading the new issues only makes me think of how good some of the Wildstorm days were. (And bad, too, there was plenty of bad, but Ellis, Brubaker, and DnA mostly made up for it to me.) The DCnU reboot actually put me off DC Comics as a whole; the only comics I'm reading now are Marvel's Journey into Mystery and old Wildstorm and Vertigo titles in trade format.

. . . and I guess that has been my comics rant for the day.